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- Phil Mullins and Walter Gulick praise Walter B. Mead, who died 8th August, 2018. Mead was president of The Polanyi Society, co-director of the William Poteat conference, and a devoted scholar of the thought of Michael Polanyi and William Poteat
- Phil Mullins and Marty Moleski, S. J. praise Ann Herbert Scott, who died at 16th July, 2018.She was the widow of the original Polanyi-biographer, William Taussig Scott. Ann Scott and her husband got in touch with Michael Polanyi, and his wife, Magda, in the 1960s. With selfless and tiredless work, she supported her husband's research and the publication of one of the best Polanyi-biographies, Michael Polanyi: Scientist and Philosopher (2005). With her death she left a generous donation to the Polanyi Society Endowment Fund.
- Two new Polanyi articles have been published on the website with the permission of John C. Polanyi (The Authority of the Free Society (1949); On the Modern Mind (1965)
- The two interviews of Ray Wilken with Michael Polanyi (5-6th April, 1966; 24-25th April, 1967) has been recently published
- There is also a new repository of journals having an interest (special issue or section) in Polanyi's thought
Details in the News an Notes section of the online only version of the 2018 October issue of Tradition & Discovery.

Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLIV Number 3 October 2018


- David James Stewart: Getting in Touch with Polanyi's Realism: An Examination of Esther Meek's Contact with Reality
- Mihály Héder: Being Real and Contact with Reality
- Kyle Takaki: Reality Crisscrossed
- Andrew Grosso: Participation in Reality: Both Discovery and Invention
- Esther Lightcap Meek: The Fundamental Question of Reality: A Response to My Interlocutors
- David Nikkel: Personhood in a Poteatian, Post-Critical Vein
- Richard C. Prust: Polanyi for Humanists: An Appreciation of the Work of William H. Poteat

Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLIV Number 2 July 2018


- Matthew B. Crawford: Teachesr and Students
- Paul Lewis: The Organ Maker's Shop, Erotic Attention, Teaching, and Trust
- Collin D. Barnes: Comments on Matthew Crawford's The World Beyond Your Head
- Richard Moodey: Convivial Craft-Work and the Fiduciary Program
- Milton R. Scarborough: Mapping Poteat on the Buddha and Zen
- Jon Fennell:"Balance of Mind": Polanyi's Response to the Second Apple and the Modern Predicament

Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLIV Number 1 February 2018


- Dale Cannon: On William H. Poteat; Introduction to Poteat and Polanyi III
- David Nikkel: Curing Dualistic, Disembodied Patterns of Thinking in the Academy
- Murray Jardine: The Political Implications of William H. Poteat's Philosophy
- Elon G. (Jerry) Eidenier: Six Poems
- Mihály Héder and Daniel Paksi: Non-Human Knowledge According to Michael Polanyi
- Notes on Contributors
- Submissions and Style Guide
- Polanyi Society Information

The Polanyi Society Annual Meeting 2017

The annual meeting of the Polanyi Society is November 17 and 18, 2017 in Boston. There are two sessions on November 17 with six papers on a variety of topics, and, on November 18, there is a six-hour workshop “Trade, Employment, and Public Policy: Polanyi Then and Now” at nearby MIT. This event focuses on Michael Polanyi’s Full Employment and Free Trade (1945), his economics education film and his work as an economist. The workshop, organized by Anne McCants (MIT) and Eduardo Beira (MIT Portugal Program and IN+, Portugal), will include discussion of seven papers as well as a graduate student panel discussion. Most of the papers for the November 17 sessions and the workshop are now posted; others should be added in early November. Information about the annual meeting (e.g., the program sessions with links to papers) is available on the Polanyi Society web site ( ) under the link for 2017 Annual Meeting Program.There you will also find times and locations for sessions and the workshop as well as directions for reaching MIT Building E51 where the workshop is to be held. There is a link to the American edition of Full Employment and Free Trade and a link to Polanyi’s film, “Unemployment and Money. The Principles Involved.” There is also a YouTube link that can be used to follow the workshop online in real time.

Anyone interested in attending any component of the annual meeting is welcome; it is not necessary to register. Anyone interested is also invited to participate in the June 6-9, 2018 Polanyi Society conference (“Michael Polanyi and the Post-Critical Turn”) at Nashotah, WI. Information about this conference and a call for papers appeared on the Polanyi discussion list at the end of October. If you are not on the Polanyi Society e-mail list and wish to be, please send directly to me an e-mail request. Those on the list receive three times each year a Table of Contents e-mail (with links to articles) when each new issue of Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal is posted online, as well as a few notices such as this one with information about upcoming annual meetings and conferences.

Phil Mullins

New book on Polanyi

Judit Szapor:

A világhírű Polányiak. Egy elfeledett család regényes története

Judit Szapor's (professor of McGill university) new book on Polanyi has been recently published in Hungarian. The book is a timely revisit of her The Hungarian Pocahontas: The Life and Times of Laura Polanyi Stricker (2005) with plehtora of new materials and messages, written in a remarkably engaging style. This book is not only for those having a scholarly interest in the Polanyi-family, but also for those seeking early histories of feminism and experimental pedagogy in the early nineteenth-century.

Trade, Employment and Public Policy: Polanyi Then and Now workshop

co-organized by The Polanyi Society and the MIT

18th November 2017

Struan Jacobs (Deakin University): Projects of social betterment: Michael Polanyi's economic film contrasted to Otto Neurarth's isotype system
Nilanjan Raghunath (Singapore University of Technology and Design): Reaching Full employment in the digital economy - lessons learnt from Polanyi
Anne McCants (MIT): What might a moral economics look like? Lessons from Adam Smith and Michael Polanyi
Walter Gulick (Montana State University Bilings): Michael and Karl Polanyi: Politico-Economic Point, Counterpoint - Is Rapproachment Possible?
Gábor István Bíró (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Projecting the Light of Democracy: Michael Polanyi's Efforts to Save Liberalism via an Economics Film
Eric Stayton (MIT): Labor, Land and Computation
Jordan Howell (Harvard): Sharing the Economy: Antoine Lavoisier and Michael Polanyi on Intelligence
Jamie Wong (MIT): In dialogue with Polanyi on the "on demand" economy - a case with Uber drivers in Boston
J. Michael Wahlen (MIT): Polanyi, Science and Salesmanship
Marta Felis-Rota (Autonomous University of Madrid): Michael Polanyi's "Full Employment and Free Trade" in the Context of the Second World War
Eduardo Beira (MIT Portugal program): Experimentation in economics (1930's and 40's): producing a film to learn in order to write a book
Agnes Festré (University Nice Sophia Antipolis): Michael Polanyi's economics: A strange rapproachment between Hayek and Keynes

Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLIII Number 3 October 2017


- Engagements with Retrieving Realism by Herbert Dreyfuss and Charles Taylor
- John V. Apczynski: A Polanyian Epistemology Manqué: Reflections of Retrieving Realism
- Esther L. Meek: Contact with Reality: Comparing Michael Polanyi and Dreyfuss and Taylor, Retrieving Realism
- David W. Rutledge: Dreyfuss, Taylor, and Polanyi's Prescience
- Charles Lowney: Robust Moral Realism: Pluralist or Emergent?
- Review: Andrew Grosso: Charles Taylor, The Language Animal: the Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity
- Dale Cannon: Christian Smith: To Flourish or Destruct: A Personalist Theory of Human Goods and Motivation
- News and Notes
- Notes on Contributors
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9th Workshop on Emergence

Call for Papers is open to all topics related to emergence/reduction.

Venue: BUTE.
Date: 15th December 2017.
Application with title and short abstract to
Deadline:15th November 2017.

Bíró Gábor István doktori védése

Bíró Gábor István kollégánk 2017. Augusztus 22-én sikeresen megvédte Projecting the Light of Democracy: Michael Polanyi's Efforts to Save Liberalism via an Economics Film, 1933-1948 című doktori disszertációját. Az értekezés a tudománytanulmányok eszköztárával vizsgálja hogyan kapcsolódtak össze Polányi Mihály gazdasági gondolkodásában a tudás, vizuális (re)prezentáció, hatalom és demokrácia kérdéskörök az Egyesült Királyságba érkezését követő két évtizedben. Az értekezésről hamarosan interjú jelenik meg testvérlapunkban, a Tradition & Discovery-ben.

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Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical

Volume XLI Number 1 2014-2015


- Walter Gulick and Phil Mullins: Homage to Richard Gelwick, 1931-2014
- Richard Gelwick: From Tacit Knowing to a Theory of Faith
- John V. Apczynski: The Projects of Michael Polanyi and Charles Taylor
- Review: Stephen Turner: Tacit Knowledge Meets Analytic Kantianism: A Review of Neil Gascoigne and Tim Thornton, Tacit Knowledge
- Review: Phil Mullins: Charles Taylor, Dilemmas and Connections, Selected Essays
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- TAD Information
- Preface
- 2014 Annual Meeting Preliminary Information
- Report on the 2014 Poteat Conference
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Polanyi Workshop

Venue: MTA BTK Institute of Philosophy

Budapest, 1014 Országház utca 30. (Pepita terem)

Date: 30. 09. 2014. (Tuesday) 13:30-17:00

13.30 Phil Mullins: Michael Polanyi's Effort to Rehabilitate Liberalism

14.20 Tibor Frank: The Polányi Salon

15.10 Coffee break

15.20 András G. Benedek - Christopher P. Goodman - Gyuri Lajos: Augmenting Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Conceptualization Framework

16.10 Tihamér Margitay: Polányi's Identification Argument for Emergence

The newest number of Polanyiana

The Periodical of the Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Assosiation

Volume 17 Number 1-2 is now available for downloading

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Polanyiana Volume 17 Number 1-2

Reconsidering Polanyi Conference Volume


- Daniel Paksi: The Concept of Evolution in Michael Polanyi's Philosophy
- Charles W. Lowney: The Tacit in Frege
- Zsuzsa N. Tóth: The Transparency of Words: The Polanyian Explanation of the Process of Translation
- Judith Rosenhouse: Tacit Knowledge and Language Learning in Children and Adults After Personal Knowledge by Michael Polanyi
- Terence Kennedy: Michael Polanyi and 'Modern Moral Rationalism'
- C. P. Goodman: The Politics of Imperfection
- R. J. Brownhill: Dveloping a Philosophy of Technology
- Patrick Rang: Planning and Mannagement: Explicit versus Tacit Knowledge

  10th International Conference on the Study of Persons  

Aug. 3rd to 7th, 2009

Derby Hall, The University of Nottingham, England


  It is now possible to pay on-line with debit/credit cards or PayPal accounts via a secure link to PayPal on the website.
  For full details of the Conference please go to

  The final date for payment for rooms at Derby Hall is June 15th. It would help me with paying deposits, and would secure you a room at Derby Hall, if you could please pay your conference fee as soon as possible.
  There will be 2 plenary sessions in the programme, one on Tom Buford's new book and one on Michael Polanyi. There may also be a day devoted mostly to British contributions to the study of persons, with opportunities for relevant societies to have small displays.
  If you have any questions about accommodation, travel etc, please contact me, and about submission of papers and the programme, Randy Auxier,

  Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested.
  I hope to see several of you at this conference.

  Richard Allen

Reconsidering Polanyi

Conference: Reconsidering Polanyi

2008, June 26-28, Budapest,
(please, note that the year is not 2007, but 2008)

The conference is open to contextual, historical, and analytical approaches
including the following - non-exclusive - list of topics:

- Personal knowledge in light of social epistemology
- Tacit knowledge and the new results of cognitive psychology
- Reappraising Polanyi's "Logic and Liberty "
- The cognitive function of emotions
- Polanyi on the management of knowledge
- The postcritical and postmodern perspectives
- Polanyi's liberalism and Enlightenment values
- Polanyi and Gestalt psychology.